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many thanks!

LUCKY Tea 2022 at CCVIS

Guest Mentors

Ellen Rubin, of Luv 2 Knit

Instagram: @luv2knitandmore

&Yolanda Jernigan, Designer/ Artist 

Instagram: @gimicks247

LUCKY Bowling 2021 Fundraiser Event Guests!!!

CCVIS & LUCKY Mentoring Team at LUCKY Bootcamp 2021


LUCKY family at our Skating Fundraiser 2021

Delissa Williams, Keynote speaker with youth at LUCKY Tea of Mallery Recreation Center 2021

Thank You!

you are amazing!

Yolanda Jernigan, Designer & Artist

Guest Mentor for Leadership Mentoring 2020

Mentor Krissy facilitator of writing and exercise for LUCKY Bootcamp & LUCKY Leadership Mentoring (2019)

Krystal Williams, Photographer Prom Event 2019

Mentor Wanda & Audri / "Ms.A"Prom Event (2019)

Ms. Rayvonne Anderson, Paint Night Facilitator with LUCKY girls (2019)

Betnijah Laney with LUCKY Youth Mentees

 Betnijah Laney, WNBA with LUCKY Youth (2018)

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