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Leadership Unity Commitment to Change Knowledge Youth

Children sharing sticky notes at a lucky mentoring session..

 WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH of crime, violence, self harm, substance abuse, lack of resources, trauma, obstacles to literacy and  systemic challenges to breaking generational poverty in low income Philadelphia neighborhoods.

We are part of the solution. 

 We provide community resources, youth mentoring, educational opportunities, arts
& cultural  activities and trips.


L.U.C.K.Y. Mentoring

L.U.C.K.Y. Outreach

We  are actively working towards a love for literacy to improve quality of life and educational interest for our middle and elementary school youth.Spring book distribution 2024 is a success because of the generosity of our partners like First Book Marketplace.

LUCKY Organization Logo

Leadership Mentoring

Ages 5-15



Ages 5-15

Career Path Mentoring

Ages 16-24

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